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Well! The Irish Metal Archive was two years old at the start of 2013. So I though it would be a good a idea to put a bit of a compilation album together featuring some of our countries heaviest hitters.
So here you have it! “The First Wave…” (An Chéad Tonn…) featuring 40 bands and 42 tracks. Some of it is already available elsewhere to buy, stream or download. But it’s a good representation of metal scene we have here in Ireland. Plus it’s good to have them all compiled together and available for free in one location.
Thanks million to all the bands that agreed to letting my feature their tracks. If you like what you hear then you know what to do. The scene is nothing without punters, so do your bit and support the artists. Buy their demo, EP, album or other merchandise.
Thanks also to Nathan Quinn for initially instigating this little project that eventually grew many legs and nearly got away from me.
Thanks also to Jim Tobin for all his help with the new website which will hopefully be unveiled REALLY soon…!!!


01. Abaddon Incarnate – Undead Outcasts (Demo 2013)
02. AeSect – Snipe The Lamb
03. Afterlife – Evolution (Re-Recording 2012)
04. Atheos – The Human Burden
05. Atominated – Hook Torn Flesh
06. Bäkken – Voyage Of Aodh
07. Belinus – The Witch’s Spell (Unreleased 2004)
08. Borderline Prime – Slave
09. Celtachor – The Kingship Of Bodb Dearg
10. Chosen – Engines Of Belief
11. Coldwar – Last Days Of The 4th Sun (Demo 2012)
12. Dark_Matter – Gates Of Salvation
13. Dead Aeon – Rise To Power
14. Dead Label – It Burns Within (Demo 2012)
15. Decryptor – Inverted Coma
16. Dichotomy – All Seeing Eye
17. Edenfire – Corruption
18. Emigra – Deadlights (feat. Jamie Harrison)
19. Era Vulgaris – More Is Said Than Done (Unreleased 2009)
20. Fatality – Sentenced To Death
21. For Ruin – Cold Call (Demo 2008)
22. Gargantuan – I Rot
23. Hollow Truth – Terrible Winds
24. Íweriú – Untitled (Calm After the Storm [edit])
25. Killface – Murderers
26. Negativ Result – Welcome To Hell
27. Nimh Stil – Torched Land
28. Ogre – Brain Driller (Pre-Release Demo 2013)
29. Putrefy – Smashed Down With Iron (Promo 2011)
30. Scylla – Battle Of Thetford
31. Sirocco – Mael Suthain
32. Skewered – Blasphetus
33. Skewered – Ground And Pound (Pre-Production 2012)
34. Snowblind – Birth Of Your Demise
35. Three Hour Ceasefire – Trench Knife
36. Twisted Wrath – To The Sword
37. Venus Sleeps – Dawn Of Nova
38. Vile Regression – Ascension
39. Warpath – Infectors (Promo 2012)
40. Warpath – Involuntary Suicide **
41. Weed Priest – Day Of Reckoning
42. Zero Tolerance – I Thought The Hurricane Season Was Over


“The First Wave…” eBook (band info/links);

** [PUTRID PILE Cover taken from the album “HOUSE OF DEMENTIA!”]
Thanks a million to WARPATH and Shaun LaCanne of PUTRID PILE for allowing me to use this track.

Cover artwork for “The First Wave…” music compilation is courtesy of Anaïs Chareyre.
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Cover artwork for “The First Wave…” accompanying eBook of band info and credits is from the original painting “Vision Of The Musical Muse” by Elaine Ní Cuana.
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