Atominated Thrash Metal / Co. Dublin

ATOMINATED formed in Dublin in late 2011 under the name AKRAGA, with Nathan Quinn on drums and David Curran on lead guitar. Shortly afterwards the band changed its name to ATOMINATED, and after multiple line-up changes were joined by Emmet Kiernan, initially on bass and vocals. Shortly after, Eoin Clarke joined the band as its new vocalist, and with the inclusion of Aaron Murphy on bass, Emmet moved to guitar. However prior to recording the demo, Murphy was replaced by Sean Kelly.

After their ‘World Without Flesh’ demo was released in mid 2012, more line-up changes followed with Kelly being replaced by Micheal Hannon on bass. The band members ploughed on regardless and merely week’s after the self-recorded demos release the band hit Trackmix Studios with Mick Richards and re-recorded some tracks along with new material for their official debut ‘World Without Flesh EP’, which was released online in early 2013 and finally on CD the following my through Irish label, Slaney Records.

2014 didn’t get off to a great start for the band with the core line-up being cut back to just Quinn and Curran again. After months of searching for a new vocalist and bassist they pair were on the verge of calling it a day altogether. Until fellow Dublin Thrashers TWISTED AUTOCRACY dropped the sudden bombshell of their demise which lead to Darrel Tanfin joining ATOMINATED as their new vocalist and rhythm guitarist. PSYKOSIS guitarist Tony Corcoran filled in on bass duties and the band were back to gigging strength once again, but it all came to halt once more when Tanfin departed the band in late July 2014 after only one or two shows.




Thrash Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Darrel Tanfin - Vocals/R.Guitar
  • David Curran - L.Guitar
  • Nathan Quinn - Drums
  • Tony Corcoran - Bass

Members (Former)

  • Aaron Murphy - Bass
  • Emmet Kiernan - Guitar/Vocals
  • Seán Kelly - Bass
  • Eoin Clarke - Vocals
  • Cormac Jordan - Guitar
  • Michael Hannon - Bass