Fatality Thrash Metal / Co. Wexford

FATALITY originally formed in 2010 in County Wexford. Basically derived from an earlier band called R.A.R.E. of which three of the four members were also in. About 7-8 tracks were written as FATALITY but only a small handful were ever recorded fully. FATALITY were short-lived, though! And the band went their separate ways in 2013 without ever officially releasing a proper demo or EP. Former FATALITY members went on to form the currently active 12 GAUGE OUTRAGE.

During their time they have played with other Irish bands such as Animator, Sins Of The World, Slaves Of Ares, Shattered Skies, Hero In Error, Emigra, Pyskosis, iBurn, Edenfire and many many more…

Not to be confused with another FATALITY from over the border in Lisburn.




Thrash Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Richard 'Redgie' Harpur - Guitar
  • Michael Howlin - Drums
  • Fiachra Kehoe - Bass
  • Shaun Duffy - Guitar / Vocals

Members (Former)

  • Edan Hogan-Duff - Guitar / Vocals
  • Mark Sinnott-Parke - Bass
  • David Benson - Bass