Íweriú Doom Metal / Co. Cork

Still fairly new on the scene, but making a good bit of noise. Íweriú have been slowly but surely building up momentum, hitting the gigging circuit as soon as they had written and rehearsed some original tracks. They hastily recorded these three ‘very rough’ tracks from a mic in their jam room which were initially made available online as a stop-gap until the tracks could be laid down properly in a studio. I did catch them live once back in September 2011 supporting SHARDBORNE with THREE HOUR CEASEFIRE in the Quad in Cork. But to be honest I wouldn’t even count it as a proper display from the band. There were obviously sound difficulties and it was very apparent from the outset, but the band soldiered through to make the best of it. They have also played many other gigs besides that have had been much more favorably greeted, including the first night of the ‘Dublin Filth Fest’ at the beginning of September 2011 where they shared the stage with international bands DOOM and WORMROT as well as other notable Irish acts like [r]OAS, ONLY FUMES & CORPSES, SICKENER and PUTREFACTION.

In late 2011 they hit the studio to record their debut demo with Joe Q in Room 201, which they officially released on the 16th of June. A vast improvement on the previous rough promo versions, the step up in production and recording quality really showcases what the band truly have to offer. Consisting of just three tracks and rolling in at 37 minutes in total, it’s a torturous and disturbing gauntlet of down-tuned Doom, Sludge and Noise effects. At times you’re being slowly dragged through a mire of oppressive low-end Doom with not so much as a hint of salvation from the mass of trance-like droning riffs and caustic vocals, only to be jarred out of it and thrust into an angered build of heavy guitars, pounding drums and visceral vocals. All the while being backed-up with eerily suited noise/sound effects! Third track ‘Untitled (calm after the storm)’ being the standout track on offer, encapsulates every aspect of the bands influences and styles! Death, Doom, Industrial and even a nod towards Black Metal bleed from the speakers during the main mid-section, while the Industrial, Noise/Vocal effects dominate the opening and absolutely head-melting closing sections.

Since the demos release, Íweriú have kicked into a higher gear and played the first night of ‘The Burning Oak’ festival in Cork as opening supporting band to TRIPTYKON (on their first and only Irish date) along with fellow Irish bands, the mighty MOURNING BELOVETH and ZOM. Shortly after that gig the demo’s official launch was held in Fred Zeppelins on the 14th of July. The night consisted of a collaboration between Íweriú members other projects, VACUUMFACE and ZWUKOVSKI to get things rolling with main support on the night coming from SLUGBAIT. Following the successful demo launch Íweriú played their next gig once again in Fred Zeppelins at a benefit night for Wild Floral Couture, a local business which was damaged by fire. Other gigs include a trip up to The Pavilion, Belfast on the 8th of Sept 2012 with ASTRALNAUT, SPIRAL FORCE and FYLTH WYZZARD. They also played Fred Zeppelin’s as support to HEXIS and THIS GIFT IS A CURSE on the 22nd September 2012.

Original drummer Podge had to give up his position in the band and was replaced by Steve (WE SHOULD BE DEAD) for a time. But has since been replaced by Will.

Íweriú were back with Joe Q in Room 201, this time recording just one single 20 minute song, ‘As the Planets Align…’, which the band have been playing at recent gigs. No decisions about how or when this song will be released have been made as yet.




Doom Metal, Doom/Death, Industrial, Sludge Doom

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Liam - Vocals
  • Con - Guitars
  • Juraj - Sample/Loops/Vocals
  • James - Bass
  • Will - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Podge - Drums
  • Fitzy - Guitars
  • Griff - Guitars
  • Steve - Drums