Forth To The Fight (Split) by Deus Mortuus Íweriú Mausoleum Zylum (Death Metal, 2014)



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01. ZYLUM – Shadow’s Call
02. ZYLUM – Isolated
03. ZYLUM – Only Death Is Real
04. ZYLUM – Rigor Mortis
05. MAUSOLEUM – Dissipate
06. MAUSOLEUM – God Of Hellfire
07. MAUSOLEUM – Violence In Remedy
08. MAUSOLEUM – The Murder’s Of Wild Goose Lodge
09. DEUS MORTUUS – Empire Of The Gun
10. DEUS MORTUUS – Revolutionary Suicide
11. DEUS MORTUUS – Judgement Of The Dead
12. ÍWERIÚ – Pláinéid Ailíniú…

This split CD showcases four local unsigned Irish metal bands. It is a co-operative release between the Irish Metal Archive and each band pitching in equally to fund the release and help to promote and distribute each others music to a wider audience.