Scylla Black Metal / Co. Kerry

Scylla, a Black Metal band, began as a solo project, started by Sohaib Syed (Drums/Vocals/Song-Writer/Lyricist) in early 2011, in Tralee, Co. Kerry. A town in the South-West of Ireland. He recorded rough demos of 8 tracks that he had written for the debut album, ‘Nascency’. The band takes influence and inspiration from Mythology.

In the summer of 2011, Sohaib got his brother, Hassan Ali (Guitars/Vocals), and two other friends, Jack Regan-Kirwan(Guitars) and Dusko Kovac (Bass), to form a the complete band line-up. They played local gigs and participated in the Battle of the Bands during the 2011 Rose of Tralee Festival, which they won.

In 2012, there was a new addition to the band, when Jack Lucey (Guitars) joined the line-up, temporarily replacing Jack R-K until the upcoming summer of 2013, as he was busy and couldn’t gig or practice with the band. When Jack R-K returned, Hassan took on vocal duties full-time, leaving Jack R-K and Jack Lucey on guitars.

Scylla went into the recording studio in the Summer of 2012, to record ‘Nascency’, with an additional intro track, written by Jack R-K. The album was released in early 2013. The band has also already started working on a second concept album.




Black Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Sohaib Syed - Drums
  • Hassan Ali - Guitars / Vocals
  • Jack Regan-Kirwan - Guitars
  • Jack Lucey - Guitars
  • Dusko Kovac - Bass