Venus Sleeps Doom Metal / Co. Dublin

Editor Notes:

VENUS SLEEPS…Psychedelic Doom from the foot of the Dublin mountains and the brain-child of Sie Carroll who self-recorded the debut ‘Demo 2012’.

A full gigging line-up has been assembled with Sie being joined by former UTOPIAN RUINS and PETROCHENICAL ACCELERATOR bassist Seán O’Connor and Fearghal Ó Maoil Eoin (COUNCIL OF TANITH) on drums with their first live gig as support to Sweden’s TRIBULATION in The Pint, Dublin on 25th January 2014. And in April 2014 Steven Anderson (CRUACHANTHE STEAM PIG, PETE THE KILLER, SIR KILLALOT, ESTEL, YURT) has also joined the band as a second guitarist.

Official VENUS SLEEPS biography…

Formed in the dark recesses of Dublin in 2012, VENUS SLEEPS are set to bring psychedelic, heavy and powerful Doom to bear on all those who cross their path.

Originally a solo project by mystagogue and lead singer Sie Carroll, the group has developed into one of the best and most-praised heavy acts in Ireland. Their intensity has been focused into their massive-sounding debut album, “Dead Sun Worship”. Inspired by the likes of ELECTRIC WIZARD, BLACK SABBATH, HAWKWIND and SLEEP and recorded at the foot of the Dublin mountains with Tommy O’Sullivan (producer of ZOM, WILD ROCKET and many more), the group has channeled their attack into a sweeping vision.

“Dead Sun Worship” is as heavy as it sounds. Crafted around a core of pulsing riffs and dynamic rhythm, the distinctive vocals of Carroll soar. This is Doom with all the weight and mass of an astral body, conveyed through four musicians playing in perfect harmony. From the ethereal creep of opener ‘Ether Sleeper’, to the black-hole crush of ‘Age of Nothing’, this debut represents a cosmic journey in sound. The group is not afraid to stretch into the creative expanse, with their cover of Syd Barrett’s ‘Golden Hair’ breathing a startling new interpretation into a classic track. “Dead Sun Worship” offers a different facet of VENUS SLEEPS’ progressive take on the Doom sound with every single track. Glorious artwork by Lost Cosmonaut further rounds out this very special album.

August 2015 will see a much-anticipated re-issue of “Dead Sun Worship”, on glorious orange vinyl through Heavy Earth Records. This landmark in Irish heavy music will come with a complete full color poster and lyric sheet. “Dead Sun Worship” is also available through digital download and CD digipack.

VENUS SLEEPS have grown into a live and recorded force to be reckoned with. The group’s ambitious style has already secured them live slots alongside the cream of the heavy underground, including IN SOLITUDE, BEASTMILK, TRIBULATION, LECHEROUS GAZE, HEADLESS KROSS and SLOMATICS. Having performed all across Ireland, the group is poised to further perfect their warm, organic and intelligent take on the Doom sound.

Slumber no longer – VENUS SLEEPS are worthy of your immediate attention.




Doom Metal

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Members (Current)

  • Sie Carroll - Guitar/ Vocals
  • Seán O'Connor - Bass
  • Fergal Malone - Drums
  • Steven Anderson - Guitar