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01. CORR MHÓNA   /   “Cúig
02. SOOTHSAYER   /   “33 From The Sun
03. BURNING   /   “The Devil’s Clan
04. ASTRALNAUT   /   “Mac Tíre
05. VENUS SLEEPS   /   “Ether Sleeper
06. RAUM KINGDOM   /   “Lost In The Hunt
07. FIVE WILL DIE   /   “Altar Of The Void
08. CAUSTICGOD   /   “Warning High
09. BAILER   /   “Call Of The Unknown
10. COLDWAR   /   “13th Moon
11. BREED THE KILLERS   /   “Play The Victim
12. BY ANY MEANS   /   “Built To Last (Bearcat Sessions)
13. PETHROPHIA   /   “Dead Mans Hand (live)
14. CROSSFIRE   /   “Book Of The Dead
15. ALPHEIDAE   /   “Altruist
16. TWISTED WRATH   /   “The Jackal
17. VILE REGRESSION   /   “Cyclical
18. XEROSUN   /   “I Spared Hundreds
19. SONUS MORTIS   /   “Reality, Our Collective Destroyer
20. ZHORA   /   “Ethereal Permanence – Iridescent Energy
21. PEDOPHILE PRIESTS   /   “The Kingdom Hospital
22. HORRENDA   /   “Ríastrad
23. HEDFUZY   /   “This Broken Throne
24. THE MAGNAPINNA   /   “Koi No Jellyfish
25. MOTHER MOOCH   /   “Misery Hill
26. VENDETTA LOVE   /   “On & On
27.   /   “Devil
28. EALADHA   /   “Dive
29. UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS   /   “Deirdre Of The Sorrows
30. FROM THE BOGS OF AUGHISHKA   /   “Roots Of This Earth Within My Blood


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Editor Notes:

It’s been a three years (almost to the day) since we released our last online compilation album, “The First Wave…”. So to coincide with all the anniversary gigs taking place around the country we’ve put together another one with a pretty varied collection of rock, metal and dark music on offer.

There’s something for everyone!
So check it out and if you like any of the bands, be sure to go and check out the rest of what they have to offer.

Thanks a million to all the bands who have contributed!