Horrenda Black Metal / Co. Dublin


HORRENDA  started as an experimental black metal solo studio project of Darragh “Outis” O’Connor in 2015. Taking elements from raw black metal, DSBM, death metal and other atmospheric ambient influences; the goal was from the start to push the genre into something unique crafted from pure atmosphere and intent.

After releasing an array of demos, HORRENDA would release “Neronian Times” in 2016. This saw a musical shift towards a Norwegian black metal influence while still retaining their unique experimental strain.The band would start performing to support this release with guest musicians from the local Dublin scene during 2016.

Later that year, HORRENDA would find a permanent lineup with Darragh “Outis” O’Connor playing guitar, Arron “Nomad” O’Shaughnessy taking over as lead vocalist,  Daniel K. “Cruxx” Heafy on drums, and then become a four piece with bassist Keith “Donn” Smith. This lineup would release their first demo “Vile Lament” in early 2017.

As the band developed, Arron started pulling from his hardcore roots making HORRENDA shows more intense and an experience unlike anything else. In 2019, HORRENDA added Mark “Morrdok” O’Brien to their ranks as a second guitarist and turned their attention to the studio. First, working with JSR Audio in Belfast, they released the single “Nerve Gas” in June 2019.

The band’s first album “Díoltas” was released in the middle of the pandemic to critical acclaim. Post-pandemic, HORRENDA would add  Cormac “Desolatus” Jordan on Guitars and Matthew “Dearg” McKenna on Drums to round out the lineup. The band continues on with the goal of trying to ensure that every metal fan gets to experience HORRENDA!




Black Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Darragh "Outis" O'Connor - Vocals/Keys/Synth/Bass/Guitars
  • Arron "Nomad" O'Shaughnessy - L.Vocals
  • Keith "Donn" Smith - Bass
  • Mark "Morrdok" O'Brien - Guitars
  • Cormac "Desolatus" Jordan - Guitars
  • Matthew " Dearg" McKenna - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Stephen "Kegmeister Maximus" Roche - Guitars
  • Danny "Fossegrimmen" Lee - Guitars
  • Max "Urât" Bevan - Guitars
  • Alan "Gorf" Connolly - Guitars
  • Gavin Doyle - Guitars
  • Jason Christy - Drums
  • Daragh "Créachta" Kenny - Drums
  • Daniel K. "Cruxx" Heafy - Drums
  • Barbatus Emeritus - Drums
  • Tom "Bas" Moylan - Drums
  • Rob "Balor" Tracey - Bass
  • Finbarr "Fin" Daly - Bass
  • Cormac "Grim McGrim The Fourth" - Bass