Neronian Times by Horrenda (Black Metal, 2016)



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1. Neronian Times
2. Ríastrad
3. Thermidor
4. EYE
5. Brathadóir
6. SHODAN (feat. Harsh Discipline)
7. Deadmen (bonus) **

‘Deadmen’ (Track 7) included as a bonus track in the second CD issue.

Limited Edition Cassette release on high-bias cassette tape with a variant cover, and includes a bonus track. Released under the Depressive Illusions label.
Limited to 66 prints in TOTAL; we have only eight for sale.
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Re-mastered and re-issued in September 2019 under the name “Neronian Times: The Finding of the Laocoön”…
This version includes the original NT tracks remastered along with 5 NT era tracks (as recorded in 2016 with current bass, vocals) re-recorded and released for the first time.

“Neronian Times: The Finding of the Laocoön”

1. Dún ar Aill
2. Ashes
3. Ríastrad
4. Thermidor
5. EYE (I)
6. Brathadóir (Betrayer)
7. The Restless Dead
8. Neronian Times – (Remastered)
9. Ríastrad – (Remastered)
10. Thermidor – (Remastered)
11. EYE – (Remastered)
12. Brathadóir – (Remastered)
13. SHODAN (feat. Harsh Discipline) – (Remastered)
14. 16 Deadmen – (Remastered)