Algea by Horrenda (Black Metal, 2015)



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1. Isolation (Feat.Harsh Discipline)
2. Cenobite (Demo)
3. Ov Fear, Hate & Self (Demo)
4. Hour of the Time (Demo)
5. Divided I Fell (Demo)
6. Cry of the Dearg-Due (Demo)
7. SHODAN (Unreleased)

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Darragh “Outis” O’Connor –
“I have decided to add two tracks to the “Algea” promo CD: “Cry of the Dearg-Due” and the unreleased “SHODAN”.
This is because “Algea” was unplanned, I was playing a show with Harsh Discipline and just threw any tracks I had on my laptop onto a few CDs and gave them out to people.
It’s a demo more than anything and most of the tracks exist on the full September releases of “Bellum Civile” and “Echtra” anyway. So I wanted to add these two before it’s too late.”