WALPURGIS NIGHT 2018: Bank Holiday Weekend, May 6th… Posted: 30/04/2018 by John O'Brien

Light the fires of Bealtaine, tis’ the end of the spring equinox, and the annual Walpurgis Night once again brings celebration of pest, whooping cough, and witchcraft to the city of Tribes for the seventh time, bringing the best across the spectrum of the metal genres in the Irish scene and abroad.
Organised By: Hexen Haus Promotions /
Stalls: Under My Skin Accessories, Cursed Monk Records
Venue: The Loft
Door: €15
Time 2:15 PM

Headlining this year, is profound oddity THE WANDERING MIDGET who will be crossing the continent from the watery planes of Lappeenranata, in land of metal, Finland. Coming to life in 2005 with ‘The Serpent Coven’ and ‘I am the Gate’ and followed by absolute masterpiece ‘From the Meadows of Opium Dreams’ for fans of their fellow country men the Reverend Bizarre and traditional doom metal of Sabbath. But this music is in no way conventional, the trio is fronted by the most superior vocal performance, you will find anywhere in metal coupled with with their intelligent songwriting and guitar work, they also know how navigate into the depths of doom and pick up the pace and rock when the time is right. Over 10 years in the game and their recent output last year with ‘Where We March the Vultures Follow’ is yet another excellent 17 minute epic.


Main support band BRIGANTIA don’t have a huge back catalog, but their last 2 releases have had a cult following in the Irish scene. The Traditional doom metal trio have been around since 2007 and during this time has earned reputation of one of the best doom metal bands in Ireland and solid live act. Their music has been compared to Scandinavian doom metal masters Reverend Bizarre and Candlemass. Brigantia have managed to mix two things that don’t normally go together: the enjoyable, vintage Sabbath bounce of regular blues based doom, and that more serious, load-bearing side characterized by grimmer, slower riffing.


Immense, harrowing and crushing Doom from Banbridge/Belfast, originally spawned under the moniker DWELL IN SUN in 2008. The mysterious OWLCRUSHER from the north had been running for many years have not released anything to this other than ‘The Spoiler’ a frightening display of Doom/Black metal. But recently they have taken off, signing to Seeing Red Records across the Atlantic. The devastatingly vicious debut album has been making waves recently, supporting Paradise Lost, headlining UK tour and supporting Bellwitch in Sweden off the back of it.

Nomadic Rituals

NOMADIC RITUALS are a 3-piece Sludge/Doom band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Formed by Craig Carson in July 2012 with Peter Hunter (Guitar) and Mark Smyth (Drums). They may have been quiet on the gig front for the past couple of years due to writing their 1 hour epic ‘Marking the Day’ and are ready to hit the live scene again.
It’s a hypnotic mix of stoner doom death metal and drone. Having created a stunning Split with TOME in 2015 gained attention around the country with their lengthy songs and thoroughly engaging live performances.


Hailing from Drogheda in Co. Louth, OKUS are a Crust/Punk/Sludge Metal beast featuring ex member’s of former former and current bands THE DAGDA, BLEEDING RECTUM, SCAVENGER, FUCKHAMMER and SODB. With their music taking a real nihilistic and bleak look at the world through war, religion, economics etc.
An eclectic mix of crust punk and death, OKUS have been extremely consistent with quality output. After destroying the Cellar in 2105, they returned with their latest album ‘Scourge’ which has become a classic in both the Irish metal and punk scenes.

Ten Ton Slug

TEN TON SLUG… Galway’s prime metal act playing far and wide on the local circuit and the UK for the past few years, the most recent outing opening for none other than BLACK LABEL SOCIETY on three nights of their European tour. They recently released their “Blood and Slime” EP and have been pushing it far and wide, and its worked, as the next dates are set to be Metaldays festival.

The Slug has worked hard, building a reputation for delivering formidable live performances.
The Slug is hungry… The Slug shows no mercy.

Venus Sleeps

VENUS SLEEPS are a psychedelic doom metal band from Dublin. “Dead Sun Worship” gained a lot of attention for its excellent guitar work and song composition. Having been compared to Electric Wizard, Hawkwind, Pentagram, Venus Sleeps create their own sound by mixing doom metal with 70s psychedelic, space rock and blues.

Walpurgis night introduces mysterious new Black/Death outfit MOLEKH, likely under the radar to most, will play their first gig at Walpurgis night, members are well seasoned musicians from THY WORSHIPER, a fully Polish lineup based in Dublin taking from the pages of the books of Malthusian and Deathspell Omega.


Described as ‘Ritual Drone Doom’ STONECARVER are a Galway metal band active since late 2016 and playing an intriguing mix of doom/drone with their extra-long songs and without any pause in their live shows. We have yet to hear recorded output from them, although a two track demo titled “Doom Gloom & Shrooms” was given a limited release in early 2017. An album is in the works and due to be released on Cursed Monk Records later in the year which, judging from their live performances will definitely be one to watch out for.

Described as ‘Ritual Drone Doom’ this three piece from Galway have been active since late 2016. A two track demo titled “Doom Gloom & Shrooms” was given a limited release in early 2017 with an album in the works and due to be released on Cursed Monk Records later in the year.


BADB is what you get when you mix CROWD CONTROL’s rhythmic section, Galway scene legends BACCHUS‘ guitar work and Dublin cultists DRAINLAND. These miscreants will destroy your eardrums with ferocious crust punk.

COROZA a new band based in Cork playing stoner doom metal with unconventional riffing taking influence from Tool.

Openers TOOMS are a band from Limerick playing stoner doom and somehow fusing it with hardcore sections and making it work.

Organised By: Hexen Haus Promotions /
Stalls: Under My Skin Accessories, Cursed Monk Records
Venue: The Loft
Door: €15
Time 2:15 PM