Owlcrusher Doom Metal / Co. Antrim

Editor Notes:

Immense, harrowing and crushing Doom from Banbridge/Belfast. Fantastic stuff!

Demo tracks were circulated back around 2008/09 under their former DWELL IN THE SUN moniker, but nothing was ever officially released. Progress was slow, as is often the case for slow and heavy doom bands such as OWLCRUSHER, and these demos were eventually molded and malformed into mammoth sounding debut album that has been released, as of July 2017.

Official Biography…

“Spawned originally under the moniker DWELL IN SUN in 2008, Northern Ireland’s OWLCRUSHER have become a harrowing experience to behold. A claustrophobic pulsating storm of punishing riffs, relentless drums, and deranged demonic vocals coalesce on their self-titled debut in 43 minutes of low-end hate filled and depressive blackened sludge. Drawing from such inspirational wellsprings as mental illness, alcohol abuse, tragedy, and abject existential fear, this Northern Ireland three piece are the terrifying future of the ugliest doom metal has to offer.”


Antrim, Down


Doom Metal, Doom/Death, Funeral Doom, Sludge Doom

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Andrew Spiers - Guitar/Vocals
  • Damien McKeown - Drums
  • Steve Hobson - Bass/Shouts