Era Vulgaris Progressive / Co. Dublin

ERA VULGARIS were formed in Dublin in 2004, pretty much from the ashes of a band called GAMBIT, as three members were in both bands. In 2005 they were joined by Chris Con, a drummer whose only prior drumming experience was break beat, jazz and electronica – things were starting to get interesting.

Their debut album ‘What Stirs Within’ was entirely self-financed and released through Open Your Ears Music, a label started by the band to gain the attention of distributors and press. They secured a full UK and Ireland distribution deal with PlasticHead/Code7. The album has received great reviews. With ‘Rock Sound Magazine’ listing them as one of their 100 bands to watch in 2007.

The band recorded a version MEGADETH’s ‘Five Magics’ for the compilation ‘Thrash & Burn – An Irish Tribute to Thrash’ released by Underground Movement in 2008.

Chris and Dave decided to relocated the band to London in 2008. Enlisting Jamie Stungo and Anthony Pellier to complete the line-up. During 2009 they recorded a couple of new tracks to release as a 2-track promo called, ‘From Behind Enemy Lines’, but difficulties with the studio led to the band not being happy with the finished tracks. So far only one of the tracks, ‘More Is Said Than Done’, has been completed and released online. The other song, “Sick & Wrong”, was never completed to the bands satisfaction and remained unreleased initially, but is now available here through the Archive.

The band is currently on hold.


Dublin, Wicklow


Progressive, Thrash Metal

Year Formed



On Hold

Members (Current)

  • Chris 'Rob' Stevens - Vocals/Guitar
  • Jamie Stungo - L.Guitar
  • Dave Buttner - Bass/Vocals
  • Anthony Pellier - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Jim Kent - Guitar
  • Chris Con - Drums