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01. MASS EXTINCTION – Kill On Command [Vio-Lence]
02. SOL AXIS – Raise The Dead [Bathory]
03. ERA VULGARIS – Five Magiks [Megadeth]
04. REIGN OF FIRE – Beneath The Remains [Sepultura]
05. WARPATH –  Piece By Piece [Slayer]
06. MANIFEST – Seemingly Endless Time [Death Angel]
07. NUCLEAR REIGN – Into The Pit [Testament]
08. ONLY FUMES AND CORPSES – I Don’t Need Society [D.R.I.]
09. SORROWFALL – Fade To Black [Metallica]
10. ACRID NEBULA – The Usurper [Celtic Frost]
11. DE NOVISSIMIS – Hang The Pope [Nuclear Assault]
12. CHRISTORGY – Satans Trampoline [Lawnmower Deth]
13. VIOCOSIS – The American Way [Sacred Reich]
14. RAGING CONFLICT – People Of The Lie [Kreator]
15. DARKEST ERA – Countess Bathory [Venom]

Thrash and Burn… Some of Irelands best metal acts pay tribute to some of the finest Thrashers of yester-year…
Featuring covers from such legends as Vio-Lence, Slayer, Metallica, Nuclear Assault, Sepultura, Testament, Bathory, Venom and more…

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