From Behind Enemy Lines by Era Vulgaris (, 2009)



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01. More Is Said Than Done
02. Sick & Wrong (Unfinished/Rough Mix)
03. Five Magics (Megadeth Cover)

The band recorded a version MEGADETH’s ‘Five Magics’ for the compilation ‘Thrash & Burn – An Irish Tribute to Thrash’ released by Underground Movement in 2008.
During 2009 they recorded a couple of new tracks to release as a 2-track promo called, ‘From Behind Enemy Lines’, but difficulties with the studio led to the band not being happy with the finished tracks. So far only one of the tracks, ‘More Is Said Than Done’, has been completed and released. The other song, “Sick & Wrong”, was never completed to the bands satisfaction and remained unreleased until September 2013 when Chris passed on the rough and unfinished track here for the Archive.

Vocals, Guitar – Chris ‘Rob’ Robertson (Gambit)
Lead Guitar – Jamie Stungo
Bass/Vocals – Dave Buttner (Gambit, Two Tales Of Woe)
Drums – Anthony Pellier

Drums – Chris Con (on ‘Five Magics’)
Guitar – Jim Kent (on ‘Five Magics’)