Primordial Black Metal / Co. Dublin

Editor Notes:

PRIMORDIAL is an extreme metal band from Skerries, Co. Dublin. First formed in 1987 by Pól MacAmhlaigh (bass) and Ciarán MacUiliam (guitars), their sound is primarily black metal with notable Celtic and pagan influences.

The band have slogged at it for almost 30 years now and have deservedly built up a vast worldwide fanbase and a solid  reputation for themselves as Ireland’s leading metal export.

2011 – The album was a ‘death’ album. Plain and simple. There isn’t exactly a complete concept, but many of the themes dealt with mortality and how humanity deals with it. People place spiritual structures around themselves to make sense of it all… sex, death, procreation, and god. As we get older, our relationship to our lives changes, the realization you will not live forever, the grand plan you hoped to uncover never materializes, you’re food for worms and nothing more.

“We are animals, beasts and making peace with that beast might be your life’s work but more often than not he is never tamed. Once a wolf always a wolf. We all seek redemption in one way or another, from lies or from truth. Those of us who are godless or faithle¬ss often envy the man of faith for his life seems to have an extra purpose, despite the fact that logic, pragmatism, science and realism should crush any sign of faith, we still persist in lying to ourselves. Perhaps the alternative is too much to bear. So the themes of religion, mortality and death occur over and over again, along with continuing themes of alienation, martyrdom, sacrifice, violence and retribution. Occasionally, very occasionally, a chink of light breaks through.” – Alan Averill

However, time moves slowly in Primordial land. Prior to “Redemption,” Primoridal had gone through one of the most turbulent times in their history. Drummer Simon O’Laoghaire briefly departed and the future of the band appeared to be on a different path than they had all expected. However, they regrouped and out of that came “Redemption.” After that, the band seemed tighter than ever and Primordial spread their wings further and cast a slightly larger shadow then they had ever done before. The album charted in several countries across Europe, most notably #31 in the German charts.

2013 – Primordial returned to the States again, and of course returned to Europe for several tours, in addition to the usual Summer festival chaos. Averill continues: “Some time at the end of 2013 we sat and began to plot a course for album number eight. We moved camp to a new rehearsal room and the ideas began to take shape. We felt it was time to try a new studio and engineer so we went to grouse lodge deep in the middle of Ireland and employed Gomez (cathedral, angelwitch, grave miasma) to come over and work on the new album.” The band’s idea was, of course, to keep the Primordial trademarks but add a more live sound, broader and heavier.

In 2014, we stand at the brink of releasing album number eight and, according to Alan Averill: “we feel revitalized, the hunger never left and we are ready for another chapter to be written in our history!”

Warfare over three decades!
A.A.N. – Primordial




Black Metal, Pagan Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Nemtheanga - Vocals
  • Ciáran MacUiliam - Guitars
  • Michael O'Floinn - Guitars
  • Pól MacAmlaigh - Bass
  • Simon "Sol Dubh" O'Laoghaire - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Feargal Flannery - Guitars
  • Shaun Cadogan - Guitars (live)
  • Gerry Clince - Guitars (live)
  • Dave McMahon - Bass (live)
  • Dave Murphy - Bass (live)
  • Derek MacAmlaigh - Drums
  • Steve Hughes - Drums (live)
  • Gareth Averill - Drums (live)
  • Cathal Murphy - Drums (live)