Spirit The Earth Aflame by Primordial (Black Metal, 2000)



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1. Spirit the Earth Aflame (02:25)
2. Gods to the Godless (07:49)
3. The Soul Must Sleep (06:39)
4. The Burning Season (08:44)
5. Glorious Dawn (07:24)
6. The Cruel Sea (04:05)
7. Children of the Harvest (08:31)

Recorded by Mags over the last two grey weeks of January at Sun studios, Dublin, Ireland.

A.A. Nemtheanga – Vocals
C. MacUiliam – Guitars
P. MacAmlaigh – Bass
S. O’Laoghaire – Drums


Also released as a 12″ LP and a limited edition digipak release with alternative cover and the re-recording of “To Enter Pagan” as bonus track.
08. To Enter Pagan (05:41)

And a US jewel case edition with 4 bonus tracks.
09. The Calling (4:57)
10. Among The Lazarae (7:54)
11. And The Sun Set On Life Forever (9:19)

Tracks 09 and 10 originally from the “The Burning Season” EP.


Re-released in 2005 by Karmageddon Media (and in the U.S.A. by Candlight Records US) with the re-recording of “To Enter Pagan” as a bonus track.
08. To Enter Pagan (05:41)


Re-released in 2010 by Metal Blade Records as a 2xCD digipak with the re-recording of “To Enter Pagan” as a bonus track on CD1. And also with different cover, new liner notes and additional pics.
08. To Enter Pagan (05:41)

Disc 2…
1. The Darkest Flame (rehearsal 1992)         
2. In Graciousness (live in Dublin, Ireland, 1993)         
3. A Blacker Art (live in Dublin, Ireland, 1993)         
4. Total Destruction (live in Dublin, Ireland, 1993) (BATHORY cover)         
5. Inside the Eye of Algond (live in Dublin, Ireland, 1993) (ROTTING CHRIST cover)         
6. To Enter Pagan (from split with KATATONIA)         
7. The Calling (from the Burning Season EP)         
8. Among the Lazarae (from the Burning Season EP)         
9. Soul Must Sleep (live in Vienna, Austria, 2003)

Track 01: Originally released on “A Compilation Of Nursery Rhymes in A Minor”.