Primordial Black Metal / Co. Dublin

Editor Notes:

PRIMORDIAL is an extreme metal band from Skerries, Co. Dublin. First formed in 1987 by Pól MacAmhlaigh (bass) and Ciarán MacUiliam (guitars), their sound is primarily black metal with notable Celtic and pagan influences.

The band have slogged at it for almost 30 years now and have deservedly built up a vast worldwide fanbase and a solid  reputation for themselves as Ireland’s leading metal export.

1999 – Definitely a new beginning, the newer songs had a greater sense of urgency and there was a new confidence and energy in the band, this can be heard on the “The Burning Season” MCD released around September on our new label Hammerheart! And in May of that year we went over to play with Hades Almighty and Mayhem in the “Annihilation of the Lowlands” mini tour of Belgium and Holland, our first gigs in the continent and a real learning experience and two very good gigs from our point of view, the energy and urgency was becoming barely controllable, we knew we had to deliver a real fist in the face with the next album. There was talk of us being on that Decembers No Mercy Festival, but with only a MCD to promote it seemed we were destined to miss out on yet another opportunity. However rather than accept that we would be doing nothing a seed had been planted by a friend for us in Portugal and after much wrangling seven straight days in Portugal and Spain were organised in December together with Sacred Sin and Masque of Innocence, a truly memorable experience and one I don’t think any of us will ever forget ever… and for once we were rounding out the year with new songs, the studio booked for the following year (February) and a great positive experience to take us into the millenium…
The Dawn of Satan’s Millenium huh?
Hasta Satana 99

2000 – Slightly more prepared then for “A Journey’s End” we went into the studio in February to record “Spirit The Earth Aflame” in Dublin with Mags, just as we had done “The Burning Season”. This time with better preparation, better equipment and a better attitude we came out with the songs we are the most satisfied. It had been a long search! The album came out and right now is the fastest selling album ever on Hammerheart Records… the band is growing, the label is growing. An eight day tour with our Metal brethren Thyrfing from Sweden and Shadowbreed from Holland passed by, several festivals, noticeably With Full Force, Windorock and the Wave Gothik Treffen. We signed a new publishing deal with Edition Wolffackel/Warner and Sure Shot Worx, a new second guitar player as well I may add… enter Lucifergal. Things were and are looking up, and we are stronger and more focused than ever on the task in hand. The press has been unanimous in it’s praise of Spirit and for once things are going in the right direction. Upon writing this 2000 is more that half way to it’s end, the album is released domestically in the States in August and there are tours to confirm… seems like the work may just be about to pay off?




Black Metal, Pagan Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Nemtheanga - Vocals
  • Ciáran MacUiliam - Guitars
  • Michael O'Floinn - Guitars
  • Pól MacAmlaigh - Bass
  • Simon "Sol Dubh" O'Laoghaire - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Feargal Flannery - Guitars
  • Shaun Cadogan - Guitars (live)
  • Gerry Clince - Guitars (live)
  • Dave McMahon - Bass (live)
  • Dave Murphy - Bass (live)
  • Derek MacAmlaigh - Drums
  • Steve Hughes - Drums (live)
  • Gareth Averill - Drums (live)
  • Cathal Murphy - Drums (live)