Vircolac Death Metal / Co. Dublin

Editor Notes:

VIRCOLAC are an Irish metal super-group, of sorts! With members who have all served in various other notable bands down through the years. Darragh, the bands vocalist has been rooted in the Irish and international metal scenes since the 1990’s, running his own Invictus Productions label and was also vocalist for the mighty SOL AXIS. Necrohammer also served behind the kit with SOL AXIS as well as host of other bands such as CRUACHAN, DREAMSFEAR, KINGDOM and LUNAR GATE. Bassist Karen, also currently serves in the brilliant WIZARDS OF FIRETOP MOUNTAIN as well as CAT PISS BRAIN ROT and formerly DE NOVISSIMIS.  And the bands guitarist and main song writer, Jaime who has been involved with the likes of DRAINLAND, DE NOVISSIMIS, LURCH and too many others to list them all…

There was an earlier attempt to get the project off the ground back around 2010 under a different name, which involved JG, NH and Laoraighe also, but never fully developed. But it wasn’t until the end of 2013 before VIRCOLAC finally made a proper start. They recorded their debut ‘Codex Perfida’ EP in Sun Studios on September 26/27/28 with Ola Ersfjord handling engineering and production duties. And the band launched their live assault as part of Redemption Festival 2015 alongside PRIMORDIAL.

The name VIRCOLAC is derived from the Romanian word for ‘werewolf’.

Biography from the bands facebook page…

Formed in the dying breaths of 2013, Vircolac are a four piece from Dublin who meld the aggressive and the atmospheric to forge an eerie and timeless take on Death Metal. Though the band is new, the personnel involved are not. Work has been ongoing to create the sonic foundation for what will the band’s debut release, Codex Perfida, due out via Iron Bonehead Productions on cassette.




Death Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Laoghaire - Vocals
  • JK - Bass
  • NH - Drums
  • JG - Guitars
  • BMC - Guitars

Members (Former)

  • KB - Bass
  • DR - Drums [live]