Auditory Shrapnel: VIRCOLAC, COSCRADH & NADDRED… Posted: 10/03/2017 by John O'Brien

VIRCOLAC  –  “The Cursed Travails Of The Demeter”…


The latest release of Irish Death Metallers VIRCOLAC, “The Cursed Travails Of The Demeter” released via Dark Descent Records. The EP features the 2 tracks from the bands limited Feraliminal” demo, re-recorded alongside two newer tracks. The rougher take of these two tracks is very different to the final versions appearing on this new EP, however. There is a very murky side to the production and depending on your preference this may be a hindrance to your enjoyment or a more positive experience. VIRCOLAC are a band who, in my opinion, know how meld more atmospheric passages with more heavier, ferocious aspects and creating this underworldly vibe. This is particularly evident in the two newer tracks, and personal favourites on this release ‘Lascivious Cruelty’ and ‘Betwixt the Devil and Witches’. The latter of which works perfectly with the eerie, murkiness of the EP’s production.



1. The Cursed Travails of the Demeter
2. Charonic Journey (Stygian Revelation)
3. Lascivious Cruelty
4. Betwixt the Devil and Witches

JG – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Keyboards & Effects
BMC – Rhythm & Lead Guitars
KB – Bass
DvL – Words & Vocals
NH O’ Puirseil – Drums, Percussion & Additional Vocals



COSCRADH are another band to emerge from Dublin over the past year, and here they present “Demo MMXVI” via Invictus Productions. Moulding together elements of Black and Death, varying degrees of pace and intensity which ranges from slow-tempo, brooding and almost Doom to more fast and aggressive riffing. Take opener ‘Buried’ as a case in point, opening to an intro of feedback and a dirty slow riff and building into a relentless, sonic attack that bleeds like severed artery straight into the following track ‘Lynch’. Regardless of tempo, there is often an air of murkiness, an eerie, suffocating sound (to these ears anyway) which is only heightened by the vocal delivery. In the live setting the band concentrate all of these elements to create a percussive wall of noise that really needs to be experienced to fully appreciate. The vicious ‘Lynched’ and ‘Coscartac’ are personal highlights on this release.



1. Buried
2. Lynched
3. Drowned
4. Coscarṫaċ

KL – Drums
CC – Guitar/Vocals
JMC – Guitar
MG – Bass/Vocals


NADDRED  –  “Sluagh”


NADDRED are a relative newcomer to the scene but they have an absolute wealth of experience bolstering up their ranks. The band include members from none other than SLIDHR, ETERNAL HELCARAXE and former members of SOL AXIS and MYRKR. This debut release entitled “Sluagh” is released via Invictus Productions. Yet another strong release from an Irish band in this vein of Black/Death Metal, although more on the Death side of the fence. The drumming on this release is often chaotic and ferocious, though not to the extent that COSCRADH have gone. While the guitar is great as well as the vocals, if I have anything negative to say, and it’s only a minor thing, it’s that I’d like to hear the bass come through the mix a little more. The subject matter incorporates a mix of standard Death Metal tropes such as Hell and Satan, but also adds some obscure aspects of Irish and pagan mythology, which adds a welcome twist. A fantastic debut, check out ‘The Beast Walks The Earth’ and the title track.



1. The Four Crowned Prince of Hell
2. Sluagh
3. The Beast Walks the Earth
4. The Dullahan

Steve ‘Balor’ Blair – Vocals
Joseph Deegan – Guitars
Rory ‘Praetorian’ McDonagh – Bass
Adam Gill – Drums


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