Mourning Beloveth Doom Metal / Co. Kildare

Editor Notes:

Doom/Death stalwarts of the Irish metal scene and arguably ‘THE BEST’ metal band to come out of Ireland. Never ones to rush themselves, they are methodical in their art and always put the required amount of thought, patience and experience into each and every release.

The following year was spent rehearsing old songs with Bren and writing for the new album. Again writing is probably the best time to be in a band but is also the most arduous but by the end of September we had written the album and Brendan with his fresh ear was very excited and his excitement was infectious.

We again entered Studio E in Germany with Markus for two weeks this time in October 07 and recorded A Disease for the Ages, 5 songs over 56 minutes of torturous death/doom metal. We were really focused during the recording sessions and i think that intensity comes out in the songs Although recorded in the same studio as A Murderous Circus the sound is the polar opposite to it, it is the only conscious decision we made about the album before recording that the album must be heavy, a fuller sound. AMC had meandering and desolate guitars and almost revels in the human excesses, ADFTA fills your ears till they bleed, a slow descent into the gutter of desperation and nothingness, where we finally realise there is nothing to keep going for and the only was is down, a statement on the rottenness of mankind, the deconstruction and degradation of the human body and mind over time and excess.

The album was released through Grau on May 5th 2008 and initial reviews have been all positive, receiving several “Album of the Month” titles in well respected magazines.

In the meantime we had to cancel the European tour planned due to some personal matters and for a band who never cancelled a gig it was tough decision but one that had to be made. The end of 2008 will see us play some festivals and hopefully early 2009 a full European tour.




Doom Metal, Doom/Death

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Darren Moore - Vocals
  • Frank Brennan - Guitar / Vocals
  • Pauric Gallagher - Guitar
  • Brendan Roche - Bass
  • Tim Johnson - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Brian Delaney - Guitar
  • Adrian de Buitléar - Bass