Dust by Mourning Beloveth (Doom Metal, 2001)

Album Plays: 3

1. The Mountains Are Mine
2. In Mourning My Days
3. Dust
4. Autumnal Fires
5. All Hope Is Pleading
6. Sinistra

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Recorded at Academy Studios from May 30th till June 7th 2000.

Re-released in 2002 by Sentinel Records with 2 bonus tracks:
– It Almost Looked Human (unmixed version of the song that later appears on “The Sullen Sulcus”)
– Forever Lost Emeralds (taken from the demo “Autumnal Fires”)
Re-released by Grau Records in January 2006.
Released on 2LP by Sentinel in 2008.

Darren Moore – Vocals
Frank Brennan – Guitar/Vocals
Brian Delany – Guitar
Adrian Butler- Bass
Tim Johnson – Drums