Mourning Beloveth Doom Metal / Co. Kildare

Editor Notes:

Doom/Death stalwarts of the Irish metal scene and arguably ‘THE BEST’ metal band to come out of Ireland. Never ones to rush themselves, they are methodical in their art and always put the required amount of thought, patience and experience into each and every release.

We were hungry to establish ourselves in Europe as well as the live circuit and financed a two week European tour from February 7th to 21st. Entitled “The Doomination of Europe” MB were joined by Americans Morgion who had just reformed and the UK based The Prophecy and it hit Portugal and Spain, stopping off in England, France, Belgium and Holland along the way. The tour was a success, so much so that an American leg was planned for August of the same year and it also gave the underground European doom scene a kick in the arse., showing everyone that with a little organisation and determination anything can be done.

In the meantime we recorded a new song entitled Part 1 which was released by Sentinel as a split 7″ with fellow dark metallers Lunar Gate from Ireland. it was recorded in Cosmic studios in Ballymun and gave us some new ideas for our next album and has made its mark as a live song too. It was limited to 500 copies.
The American tour happened in August that year and Tim couldn’t make it so we enlisted the help of our long time friend Anto who decided to sit on a bus with us for four weeks and play some doom. The tour was initially with Morgion, Orodruin and The Prophecy but after one show Morgion pulled out due to an unfortunate car accident and so it was left to us to headline the four week tour. It was a long and arduous tour with vans breaking down, complete city shutdowns, PA’s exploding, heads breaking down and the usual lack of money and sleep, add to that the sweltering heat and you have a nice picture of hell but again the people we met on the road, the great shows at the Junkyard, Stoner hands of Doom, Austin made up for this and we also got to see America. While we were there the split 7″ was released and we received a copy while in the US. The first MB piece of vinyl!




Doom Metal, Doom/Death

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Darren Moore - Vocals
  • Frank Brennan - Guitar / Vocals
  • Pauric Gallagher - Guitar
  • Brendan Roche - Bass
  • Tim Johnson - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Brian Delaney - Guitar
  • Adrian de Buitléar - Bass