Mourning Beloveth Doom Metal / Co. Kildare

Editor Notes:

Doom/Death stalwarts of the Irish metal scene and arguably ‘THE BEST’ metal band to come out of Ireland. Never ones to rush themselves, they are methodical in their art and always put the required amount of thought, patience and experience into each and every release.

When we returned we recharged the batteries for a month and then got down to writing some new material but this was interrupted by another offer of a tour with While Heaven Wept and Thee Plague of Gentlemen starting off at Doom Shall Rise where we played second so how could we refuse. Doom Shall Rise was an amazing experience; you cannot get much better than playing in front of 500 doom heads in a church. While at the DSR festival we met Tom from Grau records and he offered us a deal to release Mourning Beloveth albums but we had a weeklong tour ahead of us and so we concentrated on that. The DSR tour was also our first gigs in Germany as well as Gronigen and an appearance at Belgian Doom Night. This tour was the most successful for us so far. We have become a tight live unit and enjoy ourselves a lot more on stage now but it was also a success due to the fact that we actually came home with some money in our pockets.

Home again for May and we were finding it difficult to write the new material so we decided to set a date of October ’04 for the recording of the new album. The songs were sounding a bit different than before and we decided on a new studio following weeks of discussion, finally choosing Studio E in Germany run by Markus Stock. The deadline gave us a goal and so we tried to remember where we left off in January and the new material slowly began to emerge. The contract we had spoken about with Grau on the DSR tour arrived and soon after we became a Grau band for four albums. Time to relax? No!




Doom Metal, Doom/Death

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Darren Moore - Vocals
  • Frank Brennan - Guitar / Vocals
  • Pauric Gallagher - Guitar
  • Brendan Roche - Bass
  • Tim Johnson - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Brian Delaney - Guitar
  • Adrian de Buitléar - Bass