Gama Bomb Thrash Metal / Co. Down

Earache and “Citizen Brain”: 2008-2009
In September 2007, Gama Bomb announced that they had signed a recording contract with Earache Records. The band contributes the song “Zombi Brew” to the Thrashing Like A Maniac compilation released by Earache Records, alongside other new thrash artists such as Evile, Municipal Waste, Mutant (London), Short Sharp Shock and Send More Paramedics.
In April 2008, Earache confirmed the release for early June of Gama Bomb’s first album for the label, Citizen Brain. The album was released in July 2008 to overwhelmingly positive reviews. The band toured Europe extensively to support the album.
Since the release of Citizen Brain, the band has been vocal in its support of music downloading, and led a campaign to ‘Stamp Out Inferior Metal’ on their 2008 Thrashing Like A Maniac Tour, asking fans to bring along CDs they regret buying and to destroy them at shows.
In summer 2009, the band played mainstage bookings at the European metal festivals Hellfest in France and Tuska Open Air in Finland alongside Mötley Crüe, WASP, Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies.
In January 2009, they were voted best newcomer in a Terrorizer magazine readers’ poll, and toured Europe with Exodus and Overkill in early 2009 as part of the Killfest tour.

“Tales from the Grave in Space” and departure from Earache : 2009–2011
Gama Bomb announced via their MySpace blog in August 2009 that they were returning to the studio to record their third album Tales from the Grave in Space for a November 2009 release. The album was produced by Scott Atkins, who had produced the band’s Citizen Brain album.
On September 8, the band announced that Tales from the Grave in Space would be released online completely free on November 5 via Rapidshare making them the first metal band to release an album for free while signed to a record label. Issue 200 of the UK version of Metal Hammer, sold in branches of Tesco, came with a copy of the CD as a free cover mount.
A physical version of the album was later released. The bass guitarist Joe McGuigan has said that despite it already being given away for free, Tales from the Grave in Space had actually outsold Citizen Brain physically.
In March 2010, Gama Bomb was nominated in the Best Underground Band category of the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards, losing to the black metal band Immortal on the night. They supported Sepultura on their July UK tour.
The band embarked on its first US tour, in support of Overkill, Forbidden and DRI, from October to December 2010, and played a series of shows in Europe beforehand with the original lead guitarist Canavan back in the line-up, filling in for Domo Dixon.
In February 2011, Gama Bomb announced they would undertake a final UK tour to ‘say goodbye’ to Tales from the Grave in Space before writing a new album in the summer. The band also revealed on Facebook that a possible new track would be titled “The Cannibals Are In The Streets (Therefore) All Flesh Must Be Eaten”.
The band played atwo shows in Mexico in May, toured the UK in support of Onslaught in September, undertook a European tour in October and played their first-ever South American shows in December, supporting Dark Funeral on a tour of Brazil.


Down, Dublin


Thrash Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Philly Byrne - Vocals
  • Joe McGuigan - Bass / Vocals
  • Domo Dixon - L.Guitars
  • John Roche - R.Guitars
  • James Stewart - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Steve Campbell - L.Guitars
  • Kevin Canavan - L.Guitars
  • Luke Graham - R.Guitars
  • Paul Caffrey - Drums
  • Damien Boyce - Drums
  • Ronan Fitzpatrick - Drums
  • David Mahony - Drums