Bring Out The Monster (Official) by Gama Bomb (2018)

Taken from the album “Speed Between The Lines“, out October 12th, 2018.

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Director, camera: Kiran Acharya
Director of photography: Bríd Ní Luasaigh
Assistant director: John Meagher
Creature effects, props and styling: Juliet Lano
Editor: Eleanor Marechal
Special thanks to David McLaughlin – Riser!

Snowy The Gamabombinable Snowman – Himself
Barbara Nolan – Herself
Terry Deeny – Uptight Boss
John Meagher – Alleyway Mugger
Phil Smith – Disapproving Dad
Marcela Velasquez – Disapproving Mum
Myla – Herself


Why did you throw a party if you weren’t prepared to bleed?
You play it straight and narrow baby, grime is what you need
And I can serve it, spike for you Grandpa Munster style
I’m setting up my lab inside your toilet and I’ll drive you wild
Dweebie weenie turning meanie pounding fist on breast
Skipping school and burning hair it’s time to get undressed

Midnight brings the freaks
Ladies start to shriek
It’s a dancefloor transformation
Now kiss my mutation

Bring out the monster
We’re waiting for him to arrive
Bring out the monster
He’ll make you scream ‘It’s alive’

A beastly feast of yeast that feeds release and yields the change
Grimy slimy double-timing and primed to take the centre stage
Grotty rotten sots as thick as clots they feel no fear
We are the crew to spew the brew into your shoes and give a cheer

I am the monster
How can it be?
I got your invitation
I gave him the key!
I come from your mindscape
Get out of my head!
I am the monster!
Yeah you already said
I am on a mission to get smashed and wreck the place
Hold on just a second, are you off your face?
I came to ruin everything and drive you insane
For I am the monster and… Christ not this again

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