For Ruin: “Set In Stone” CD Release… Posted: 23/06/2021 by John O'Brien

Irish metal band FOR RUIN is proud to release a 10-track CD  titled “Set In Stone”.
The CD is available now as a special limited edition from the band’s Bandcamp page.

“Set In Stone” features two brand new and previously unreleased tracks, unique to the “Set In Stone” physical CD release along with the 8 songs that were previously released digitally as the “Elapse” and “Relapse” EPs during the past year.

The 10 songs have been mastered by Marko Tervonen (The Crown)  at Studio-MT, in Sweden.  Artwork for the CD comes from Ken Coleman (Morbid Angel, The Cranberries etc). The title track to Set In Stone is featured in the YouTube link below.

Set In Stone (38:06)

1 – Wrack & Ruin
2 – Set In Stone
3 – Elapse
4 – Fuel To The Fire
5 – The Worm Turned
6 – The Measure Of A Man
7 – Devout
8 – Only The Dead
9 – In Vain
10 – Bastion


Band Discography

Set In Stone CD (Full Length, 2021)
Relapse EP (2021)
Elapse EP (2020)
Ater Angelus CD (Full Length, 2013)
Mortal EP, (2013)
Last Light CD (Full Length, 2009)
Enlightened EP, (2013)
December CD (Full Length, 2007)
Demos – Split (w/MEICHE, 2004), Shade (2005) & Obsidian (2006)

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