Procession of Spectres by Procession Of Spectres (Atmospheric Metal, 2020)



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1. Hawthorne (Sceach Gheal)  
2. The Horseman (An Marcach)  
3. Salt of the Earth (Salann An Domhain)  

Release Date:  02nd July, 2020  
BUY/DOWNLOAD:  Bandcamp  

Recorded & Mixed in Winter 2019 by Shauny Cads 
Mastered by Arthur Rizk 

Liam Hughes – Vocals
Marc O’Grady – Guitars  
Paul Quinn – Guitars 
Stephen Quinn – Bass 
Steve O’Connell – Drums 

Editor Notes:

Initially a bit of a side project by founding member Marc o’Grady, a split demo tape was released back in 2015 with friend and long time collaborator Liam Hughes and his project, INDRID COLD. Hughes also contributed vocals on the these initial PROCESSION OF SPECTRES tracks. After it’s release the project went into hibernation in favour of both members other bands and projects. Namely, SOOTHSAYER, DEMETER, CORR MHÓNA, BODYDRINKERS and MERCURIAL. Flash forward to 2019 and there has been a resurgence in darker and more malevolent bands on the local Cork scene. The perfect time for O’Grady and Hughes to exhume PROCESSION OF SPECTRES, this time with a full line-up of seasoned Cork metal natives on board consisting of a CORR MHÓNA‘s Paul & Steve Quinn on guitars and bass with former WITCHHAMMER and BELINUS drummer Steve O’Connell.

Their new self-titled EP really is a huge step up and the interplay between each of the musicians is fantastic. Not surprising since O’Grady has played alongside the Quinn brothers with CORR MHÓNA in recent years. And Paul Quinn and O’Connell both served time in LOST PARADISE and KATATONIK. They knuckle down brilliantly on heavier black and death metal passages and reign it in during some of slower doom/death moments with subtle harmonies placed throughout. Hughes vocals are absolutely on point throughout. Be it mezmerising and hypnotic or harsh and aggressive, he still manages to bring something unique to the table that will no doubt become even more it’s own entity over time and live outings.

The tracks are far more considered and are brilliantly composed with the full band dynamic. Opener ‘Hawthorne (Sceach Gheal) ‘ runs the gambit from black metal assault to atmospheric and doom/death, switching up and down as it swells to it’s heaving end. ‘The Horseman (An Marcach)’ starts out in MY DYING BRIDE fashion before it eventually boils over and erupts into a galloping (pun intended) beast. ‘Salt of the Earth (Salann An Domhain)’ is the heaviest track on offer. Relentless riffs, drumming and throat churning vocals almost from start to finish, with Liam’s caustic delivery being accompanied and complimented at times by Paul’s melodic clean vocals layered on top of each other to excellent effect. 

This really is a brilliant and unexpected release.
One of the best things to come out of Cork this year!