Bodydrinkers Death Metal / Co. Cork

BODYDRINKERS are a new addition to the Cork metal community. Made up of members from various other Cork acts down through the years such as MOLDE, DOMINUS, FOR RUIN, SOOTHSAYER, DAYS OF NIGHT, ÓICHE SAMHAIN, EX INFERUS, I’LL EAT YOUR FACE, [r]EVOLUTION OF A SUN and more…

BODYDRINKERS are hard to pigeonhole musically, but anyone familiar with the members other and previous bands will know that it will certainly be something worth investigating.

The band make their live debut at Cork’s URBAN ASSAULT FEST on the Friday night, 28th February 2020. A limited 2-track promo CD will be available on the night, serving a sample of what’s to come from them.




Death Metal, Grindcore

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Mark Allen - Vocals
  • Ollie O'Shea - Guitars
  • Marc O'Grady - Guitars
  • Paul Walsh - Bass
  • Barry English - Drums