Unyielding Love Death Metal / Co. Antrim

Originally a Grind/Noiscore outfit from Belfast featuring members of ABBOTOIRDISCONNECT and STEADY DECLINE and KATABOLISIS, founded in 2014.

The band would go on to release their “Demo 2015” and “The Sweat Of Augury” EP the following year with a few line-up changed along the way.

Original members George Redpath and Matthew Medlow would leave the band in these formative years with Richard Carson and Chris McQillan being the only contstants to date. Karl Leavey (MOLEKH, ABADDON INCARNATE, COSCRADH +more) would take over on drums for a time in 2016, and then David Mahony (TWISTED WRATH, TRANSGRESS) would take over full-time later that year. And more recently Shauny ‘Cads’ Cadogan (LAST LIGHT RECORDINGS, GRIEF EATER, DESTRIERS, DEFECT) would join in 2018 on guitars.

The bands latest 2022 release “Flesh Of The Furnace” has seen the band shift in style to a more blackened deathmetal style.





Death Metal, Grindcore, Noisecore

Year Formed