Zom Black Metal / Co. Dublin

ZOM are the latest Death Metal hopefuls to spring up from Dublin. Formerly called FORTRESS the band features members from CROWD CONTROL, WIZARDS OF FIRETOP MOUNTAIN and DE NOVISSIMIS. They released their debut demo in true old-school fashion on cassette through Ireland’s INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS just before the end of 2011. And by all accounts it’s an absolute beast of a demo. The initial run of 100 copies sold out in under a week, which is a total jip as I completely missed the boat on that one. A second and third run were also issued, again through INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS. These have sold out!

They also released the “Hells Pleasure MMXII” tape which features three unreleased studio tracks and was limited to fifty hand-numbered copies and was only available at the Hells Pleasure Festival 2012.

And the “Multiversal Holocaust” 7inch vinyl through Iron Bonehead in 2013. Followed by their “Flesh Assimilation” album, through the same label in 2014.




Black Metal, Death Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Chthon - Sub Sonik Destruktion/Kommands
  • Sodomaniac - Axe of Khaos/Kommands
  • Sabbac - Astral Battery