Wardomized Hardcore / Co. Antrim

Editor Notes:

WARDOMIZED are a Crossover Hardcore/Thrash band from Belfast/Lisburn. It’s early days yet, but the band has released their aptly titled debut EP, “In The Raw” in July 2014. And followed that up with “Live At The Warzone” in December 2014. The bands guitarist, Eddie Cross, pulls double duty as vocalist for fellow Belfast thrashers ACID AGE.

Official Biography…

Wardomized is a four piece heavy metal band based in Northern Ireland, Belfast/Lisburn. We formed on March 20th 2014 and have been going strong since then. Wardomized started out as a Crossover Thrash band, but now have naturally progressed to the heavier side of the spectrum. We aim to create music we love; influenced by many different bands and genres. We don’t like to put a label on what type of music we are; but if we had to describe ourselves, we would be a mixture of Sepultura and Napalm Death, with Autopsy sprinkled on top.

We are a very riff focused band, guitar solos have been out of the question from day one, because we wanted to find a new way around soloing as a band, instead of one individual soloing. So in place of that we opt for a climatic approach, in which we mash up the instruments in one big solo section, to create a very powerful and intense sound, equal to any guitar solo (hopefully). This approach feels more natural and is way more fun than just one member soloing on their own, makes for great live presence on stage and people can see we are loving what we do.




Hardcore, Thrash Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Stephen Mckeown - Vocals
  • Eddie J. Cross - Guitar / B.Vocals
  • Mick Largey - Bass
  • Deane Montgomery - Drums / Percussion

Members (Former)

  • Josh Johnston - Bass / Vocals
  • Luke Tolcher - Drums / Percussion