Slidhr Black Metal / Co. Dublin

Formed in 2005 and hailing from Dublin, Ireland, SLIDHR is one of the country’s most baneful Black Metal entities. The band’s name derives from the Sliðr, a river flowing through Hel, the land of the dead in Norse mythology – a moniker which befits a powerhouse of the netherworld. The band has prioritised quality over quantity throughout their discography. Originally founded as a solo project by the uniquely creative artist, tattooist and bassist/guitarist/vocalist Joseph Deegan, a man who is no stranger to the underground metal scene in Ireland and beyond. He has numerous bands notched on his belt including the short-lived CACODEMON, a stint with local heroes MAEL MÓRDHA, he was one of the main driving forces behind the mighty SOL AXIS and more recently with Black Metal projects HAUD MUNDUS, MYRKR and currently as SLIDHR.

In 2006 SLIDHR released their debut, “Demo 1” cassette, a 15-minute introduction to orchestrated madness. During its short runtime, the demo accomplished more than many far-lengthier releases in a display of exceptional songwriting and dense, crushing soundscapes from an act that arrived fully formed. The following year saw the release of the self-title “Slidhr” EP and the in 2008 the split release “Ex Nihilio” with REBIRTH OF NEFAST.

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Black Metal



Members (Current)

  • Joseph Deegan - Guitars / Bass / Vocals
  • Bjarni Einarsson - Drums
  • Stefan Dietz - Bass