War on All Fronts A.D. 2013 Posted: 01/03/2014 by Jim Tobin

The second issue of WAR ON ALL FRONTS has been released digitally and focuses on the fantastic year for Underground Metal that 2013 has been.

WAR ON ALL FRONTS is a Northern Irish underground fanzine devoted to the best in Heavy, Black, Death, Doom, Speed/Thrash, Pagan Metal and Metalpunk subgenres. Created by Matthew Moore and illustrated throughout with fine artwork of Goya, Piranesi, Durer and more, WOAF A.D. 2013 is a journal of the greatest year in the genre for 2 or 3 decades

The initial digital release edition is a free download so help spread the word and get it circulating to any and all corners of the Globe. You can also follow on ( for info/updates on the expanded printed edition which is now available to pre-order. A launch gig is expected as well.

Pre-Order the printed edition here…

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Included are interviews with…

ATLANTEAN KODEX (Epic Heavy Metal- Germany)
BOLZER (chaotic Death Metal- Switzerland)
SOLSTICE (Epic Doom Metal- England)
ARGUS (twin-guitar Heavy/Doom Metal- United States)
PROTECTOR (Black/Thrash legends- Germany/Sweden)
SLIDHR (sinister Black Metal- Ireland)
MALTHUSIAN (devouring Black/Death/Doom Metal Ireland)
BEWITCHER (witching Black/Thrash- United States)
DEAD LORD (twin-guitar classic Hard Rock- Sweden)
ALLEYWAY (punked-up Speed Metal- United States)

***exclusive to the printed edition

HIGH SPIRITS (feel-good Heavy Metal/Hard Rock- United States)
BOMBS OF HADES (Punk-influenced stenchy Death Metal- Sweden)

Plus over 150 album/EP/demo reviews, live reports and more.