Baleful Creed Blues Rock / Co. Antrim

BALEFUL CREED official band biography…

“BALEFUL DREED are a four piece band from Belfast ready to pour out their classic rock influenced tunes in a passionate live performance. Featuring a dual guitar team that lay down head-nodding chunky riffs that touch on the Stoner Rock sounds of Black Sabbath, Danzig and Fireball Ministry topped off with soulful melodic vocals that are fuelled by the stomp of a powerful bass and drum rhythm section.

Their music is spreading rapidly through the dedicated rock radio stations, such as Total Biker FM, ARFM (London), and many internet rock stations like Rock Radio NI, ShineFM, South West Donegal FM and the band have featured twice in live interviews/acoustic sessions on Belfast’s Blast FM 106.4.

The latest EP called Buried Beneath, which was recorded in the same studios that The Answer use, was officially released on 28 January 2012 in Ma Nelson’s Rock Bar, Belfast. The Killing Time debut EP was released earlier in 2011.

The band have also played support to Bill Steer’s (Carcass/Napalm Death) blues rock band Firebird in the Limelight in October 2011 and have gained rave reviews from their live shows.”

I have to admit! BALEFUL CREED really crept up on me. The name has been popping up more and more recently so I thought it best to check them out. Classic Rock with a Southern flavour is the order of the day. Catchy lyrics, solid rhythm and plenty riffs with dual guitar melody. You just know that this band would sound absolutely killer on stage. Good stuff indeed! Check out tracks from their debut ‘The Killing Time EP’ from 2011 and their 2012 release, ‘Buried Beneath EP’ and it’s quick follow up simply title ‘III’,  on the embedded players below.




Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Rock



Members (Current)

  • Greg 'Fin' Finlay - Vocals/Guitar
  • John Allen - Guitar
  • Davy Greer - Bass/Vocals
  • Dave Jeffers - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Stephen Fleming - Bass
  • Mark Stewart - Drums