Baleful Creed by Baleful Creed (Heavy Rock, 2013)

Album Plays: 1

01. Baleful Creed
02. Autumn Leaves
03. Illuminati
04. Crazy Man
05. Misanthrope
06. Double FS
07. Hex
08. Her Promise
09. Thorazine
10. Suffer In Silence

Release Date: 01st September, 2013 
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Debut full-length album featuring remastered and repackaged versions of tracks from the bands ‘Buried Beneath’ and ‘III’ EPs.
Recorded by Neal Calderwood at Manor Park Studios.

Vocals/Guitar – Greg ‘Fin’ Finlay
Guitar – ‘Brother’ John Allen
Bass – Stephen ‘Thor’ Fleming
Drums – Mark ‘Guinness’ Stewart