‘Fair City’ Gets Rocked! (Sort of…!!!) Posted: 05/01/2015 by Trevor McCormack

baleful_creed_logoNorthern Irish rockers BALEFUL CREED, who released last years acclaimed self-titled album made an appearance, ‘of sorts’, on last nights (4th Jan) episode RTÉ One’s most popular and longest running Irish soap opera, Fair City!

Fair City, the most watched drama in Ireland, with regular viewing figures of between 500,000 and 600,000, earned some extra (and badly needed…) cool credibility last night when Sean Cassidy (played by actor Ryan Andrews) was spotted wearing a BALEFUL CREED T-shirt!

Baleful_Dreed_FCThe bar-man can be seen in the latter half of the episode wearing the familiar Baleful Creed logo shortly before the the bar explodes in typical Fair City dramatic fashion, due to a gas leak!

The episode can be viewed on the RTE player:

BALEFUL CREED‘s self-titled album can be purchased on CD for £6 or for £1 via Digital download:

By Trevor McCormack
(who obviously watches ‘Fair City’)