PROMETHEAN… Debut track free online! Posted: 07/01/2015 by John O'Brien

PROMETHAN are a new studio based Extreme/Death Metal band from Dublin, Ireland. Band members include Jakk Penders and Chris Winsryg from DEAD AEON along with ALPHEIDAE‘s Ros Coghlan.

The bands debut offering, “The Last Confession”, is an impressive piece and has a few influences vying for attention. Mostly Death Metal with a few Black Metal flourishes coming through. Along the lines of Eric Peterson’s DRAGONLORD with a little CRADLE OF FILTH and even MY DYING BRIDE thrown into the mix.

Whether this outfit will record again or ever take to the stage is uncertain at this point. But given the quality of the bands first track “The Last Confession” being offered for free stream/download, then I’m sure it’s something that may well be considered at some point.

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