DAY OF DARKNESS Festival on the 12th June 2004 @ Pedigree Corner, Ballylinen, Co. Laois.

Line-up on the day…

Dismember (31:13)
Ancient Rites
Abaddon Incarnate (44:10)
Mael Mórdha (35:29)
Bathory Tribute**  (27:27)
Sol Axis (19:57)
The Swarm (15:11)
Old Season (08:22)
Sinister Demise (02:25)
Mabus (00:00)

** (featuring members from Primordial, Sol Axis, Geasa, and Kingdom)


Day of Darkness was the original name of Ireland’s D.O.D. Festival.
It happened annually in Ballylinan from 2002 to 2008 as a metal music festival.

The 2002 line-up was headlined by Primordial and ran for a second year in 2003. Numbers however dwindled that year and a number of changes were implemented before the festival’s third running in 2004. In 2005, the festival was moved to the first week in July and has been held on the same weekend each year since. In 2006 a second day was added to the festival and camping tickets were introduced.

The festival discontinued in 2008.