The Swarm Death Metal / Co. Limerick


THE SWARM were a Limerick based Death Metal outfit formed in 2001 and featuring members who had previously been in MORTAL AFFLICTION, ESTRANGE and RETRIBUTION. They were very active with gigging, playing with many other Limerick based bands such as DISCORD, VICTIM-X, BLESSED DARKNESS, MYSTERIES END, ROPER and CALZINO FIASCO. They also played at Ireland’s ‘DAY OF DARKNESS’ Metal Festival alongside many other Irish Metal acts. As well as landing support slots for HATEBREED, FIREBIRD and ANTHRAX.

They released two EP’s, ‘Bruise The Flesh To Black’ in 2002 and ‘Six Acts Of Atrocity’ in 2004. Both of which were very well received in the Underground Scene. I was in contact with Mick a while back and he was good enough to allow me put these releases up here for everyone to check out. There were also rehearsals and recording that were started for a third release, but they split-up soon after. He mentioned that he would try to dig these out so hopefully the recordings will surface down the line. After THE SWARM broke up, Mick and Declan moved on to form their current band ZEALOT CULT with members of another Limerick based band called VICTIM-X that also disbanded around the same time.




Death Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Paul McCarthy - Vocals
  • Mick Carey - Guitars
  • Mark O'Doherty - Bass
  • Declan Malone - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Gary Cooper - Guitars