Yurt Experimental / Co. Dublin

I’m not even going to bother trying to explain where this band are coming from. Not since the mental rambling of Dublin’s mentally unhinged Death Metallers OGRE in the early 1990’s has an Irish band taken such a head-melting stance as regards their collective persona. So I’m just going to leave it up to ‘The Sonic Elders’ themselves to explain…

“The sonic elders of YURT gathered at the dusk of 2006 with a criteria of conducting experiments in the broader field of progressive noise. On the occasion of winter solstice 2009, a celebration of voluminous soundwaves entitled EGE ARTEMIS YURTUM was offered up to the legions of sonic guerillas, cerebral oscillators and other assorted hellspawn.
After a subsequent period in cryopreservation, there were rumours of a thaw and some manner of wretched behemoth arising from the miasma of silence. At the 2011 winter solstice, a construct was bestowed upon the terrestrial populus – ARCHIPELAGOG.
Again there was silence – a vacuum suggesting the will to remain a sonic footnote.
Ultimately, gestation is indeterminable in all matters pertaining to the sonic elders of YURT – There was no identifiable trajectory leading up to the announcement of YURT III – MOLLUSKKEPOKK in early 2016. As the sonic elders of YURT would volunteer by way of explanation…
” … while doing nothing is simply sloth, maintaining the facade of doing very little takes a lifetime to master… “.
The sonic elders of YURT have spoken.”




Experimental, Heavy Rock, Progressive, Rock

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Boz Mugabe - Bass/Electronics/Vocals/Artwork
  • Stephen Anderson - Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals
  • Andrew Bushe - Drums