The Cassini Projekt Alt Rock / Co. Dublin

Editor Notes:

Alex McDonnell’s one man project. QUEEN/BOWIE tinged rock with prog and metal influences. Some great ideas coming through and obviously the guy knows how to play his instruments. But his vocals aren’t great at all!

His second album “Filler” is pretty decent. And there’s a standalone single track called ‘Dragonwitch’, which is pretty deadly and is well worth checking out.


“This is the home of The Cassini Projekt, a rock band which incorporates prog and hard rock into a fusion of bombastic music. The Cassini Projekt was set up in 2008 by composer and multi-instrumentalist Alex McDonnell. It is about big riffs, even bigger guitar solos and prog rock wig outs. Every genre is up for grabs in the experimentation stakes. It is about rock music without boundaries and musical journeys above all else. The songs are intended to incorporate intricacy and a free spirited approach and they are inspired by the idea of interactions between consciousness and existence.”




Alt Rock, Hard Rock, Progressive, Rock

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Members (Current)

  • Alex McDonnell - All Instruments / Programming