Scáth Na Déithe Black Metal / Co. Dublin

Black metal project founded by Cathal Hughes (NAUTILUS, DÚNMHARÚ) and Stephen Todd (ASTRALNAUT). Debut Demo/EP release “The Horrors Of Old” EP released on the 1st October 2015 followed up by their debut album “Pledge Nothing But Flesh” in early 2017 on German label Vendetta Records.

Travel and logistics meant that Todd would leave the project soon after the albums release with Hughes carrying on alone. He did enlist the services of Tom Woodlock (zhOra, CRUACHAN and more) to play drums on his second album “The Dirge Of Endless Mourning” released in early 2020, again through Vendetta Records.

His latest effort is “Virulent Providence”, once more released on Vendetta Records. And the first release to see Hughes handling all instruments including drums. Another epic black metal tour-de-force containing just two tracks, both clocking on aroind the 20 minute mark.


Dublin, Tyrone


Black Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Cathal Hughes - Vocals / Guitars / Bass / Synth / Percussion

Members (Former)

  • Stephen Todd - Drums
  • Tom Woodlock - Drums [Session]