Auditory Shrapnel: Only Death Is Real… Posted: 13/06/2016 by John O'Brien


Pedophile_Priests_-_Dark_Transgression_Of_The_Soul_2015PEDOPHILE PRIESTS have burst onto the Irish scene with a vengeance in December 2014 and features members originally from Poland who now reside in Dublin. Their debut “Dark Transgression Of The Soul” was released the following year in December 2015.

The opening track of the album, ‘Presentation Of Evil’ starts with a creepy ominous intro which would be familiar in the background of an exorcism before bursting into a flurry of triplets and soul crushing double bass. The song takes you on a journey through the dark depths of extreme death metal, trying to summon ghastly demons through the other worldly chants used throughout the chorus section of this song. ‘Crush , Kill , Destroy’ jumps straight into the action with a blistering yet short drum solo, like an extreme death metal ‘Painkiller’, followed by blistering tremolo picking in true death metal fashion and what could be considered an anthem in a sense of “CRUSH , KILL , DESTROY”. This song is also a testament to Piotr Niemczewski’s amazing lead guitar ability as he leads into an invigorating sweeping section after the first chorus , really showing off his chops on his 7 string Ibanez Universe.

Pedophile Priests

‘The Kingdom Hospital’ grabs your attention with suffering church hymns which lead into a dark ritual of notes that blasts into a very ‘Beneath The Remains’ style riff pattern, letting you feel that nostalgia that a lot of modern death metal bands cant provide. Between the screams of tortured souls and the melodic harmonized solo sections, it’s a testament to the darkness this band is capable of while still keeping up the ferocity with melody and solos.

I imagine the writing process was very vigorous and time consuming, but the two lads here have it down to a tee and most definitely have a flawless chemistry. But the only minor critique I would have is that the vocals seem a bit forced at times, and the production quality seems to vary a touch from track to track. That being said, I’m really looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

Reviewed by Danny Lee.




REX SHACHATH are a five piece Death Metal band from Belfast, Northern Ireland who released their second EP in late 2015 after a gap of 3 years. “Revocation of the Blood Elect”… sounds like the title of a Nile album. Now! I’ll be honest right from the start. I don’t enjoy Death Metal as much as I would Black Metal, so these lads already have their work cut out for themselves.

Rex Shachath

And from the get-go of ‘Atonement Through Atrocity’ it comes across as very much… death metal by numbers. And this feeling doesn’t subside by the time the title track comes through the speakers, as I slump deeper into my chair in a fit of boredom. And it doesn’t get any better for the remaining two tracks being offered up on this EP.

To be fair to them! They do know how to play. But it’s just the simple fact that it’s such a well trodden path that so many bands have traveled down over the years, and only a select few of whom have been able to do it with enough flair and individuality to really make themselves stand out from the crowd.

Reviewed by Luke Hickey.




Next up we have Limerick’s ZEALOT CULT who have just released their latest “Karmenian Crypt” EP. And it hits the mark dead on. The EP is a razor sharp, brief and focused Death Metal attack which displays enough variety and character throughout it’s meagre three tracks. Each track displays a different facet in ZEALOT CULT‘s Death Metal arsenal, while still managing to honour and respect the early 1990’s Death Metal classics that clearly influence the band.

Zealot Cult

The title track smacks of MORBID ANGEL and kicks things off with thumping drum work from Limerick DM veteran Declan Malone, and barely lets up for its duration. ‘Eternal Winter’ may be a rather clichéd title, but don’t let it fool you. It’s a slow lumbering beast with absolutely crushing thick and heavy riffs being dragged along by guitarists Mick Carey and Jay Quigley. The final track is ‘Suffocation Of The Mind’, which is by far the most diverse and even progressive of the bunch. DEATH are the go-to reference here, without a doubt.

Surely bigger things await ZEALOT CULT after this!

Reviewed by John O’Brien.