Shattered Skies Heavy Metal / Co. Dublin

A progressive/melodic metal band from Wicklow, Ireland. Originally called DISTRIBUTOR, this early  line-up released one full-length album “Depth Of Perception” in 2009. But by the end of 2010, the band then decided to go in a slightly different musical direction with all but one of the members, and evolved into their current incarnation as SHATTERED SKIES, who were officially formed in early 2011. Some would class them along with the ridiculously named djent fad that’s doing the rounds at the moment, but I think they have a bit more to offer than most of the other djent bands I’ve heard.

They wrote and demoed some new tracks. But both original vocalist Peter B-T and keyboardist Peter Halpin recently decided to part ways with the group, leaving the main core reduced to a 3-piece for a time. Keeping themselves busy, the three remaining members wrote and demoed more new songs, the first of which were released as free downloads from their Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. Two instrumental demos, a version of one of these tracks with new vocalist, Sean Murphy, and a couple of sample teasers for the “Reanimation” EP prior to it’s release in 2011.

Their “Reanimation” EP was officially released online for FREE download. So check out their Soundcloud player below to listen to and download the EP. The new tracks are a definite step forward from the DISTRIBUTOR album. They also released the “Pianomation” EP. One new track called ‘As The Sea Divides’ which is along the same lines as last years “Reanimation” EP. And three tracks previously released on the “Reanimation” EP but re-arranged with vocals and piano only. Not very metal, as such! But fans of DREAM THEATER will certainly appreciate the new versions.

Another new track ‘Saviors’ was also released online in the middle of 2012. Both this and ‘As The Sea Divides’ served as tasters for the bands first full-length album “The World We Used To Know” in 2013. By 2016 the bands core duo of Rockett and McMahon were joined by new bassist Harley Cotton and vocalist Gerry Brown. And in January 2017 the band officially released “Auxilium // Vol I”… the first part of the “Auxilium” album set with Vol II due to be released


Dublin, Wicklow


Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Progressive

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Ian Rockett - Guitars/Keyboards
  • Ross McMahon - Drums
  • Harley Cotton - Bass
  • Gerry Brown - Vocals

Members (Former)

  • Sean Murphy - Vocals
  • James Dunne - Bass
  • Peter Brooke-Tyrrell - Vocals
  • David Halpin - Keyboards
  • Caroline Flanagan - Vocals