Selene Gothic Metal / Co. Antrim

Editor Notes:

Derry based SELENE are a female fronted Symphonic/Gothic Metal band who evolved from a previous project called GATE XIII.

Official Biography…

SELENE are a fresh new Symphonic Metal band quickly becoming a rising name in the UK metal scene.

Comprised of members from across Northern Ireland they bring together a mix of soaring Operatic vocals, infectious hooks and hard hitting metal creating a signature Symphonic Metal sound without losing the Metal Edge.

Since their formation in 2013, SELENE have released 2 EPs both receiving incredible critical and commercial success. “Among the Frozen” was released in July 2013 when the band only consisted of Vocalist Shonagh Lyons and Guitarist, John Connor. They were soon joined by Bass player Thomas Alford (SANDSTONE, TIM “Ripper” OWENS (Live) ) and drummer Cameron Ashlund-Glass (DARKEST ERA) and recorded “Paradise Over”.

After a year of gigging accross Ireland they recorded and released their debut album “The Forgotten” in November 2015 which was widely considered an all around step forward for the band and the best reviews to date. On it’s first week of release “The Forgotten” was Symphonic Metal/Power Metal release worldwide on bandcamp as well as the best selling release overall from Ireland across all genres and the 4th best selling from the UK.


Antrim, Derry


Gothic Metal, Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Shonagh Lyons - Vocals
  • John Connor - Guitar / Keyboards
  • Thomas Alford - Bass
  • Cameron Åhslund-Glass - Drums