Munro Djent / Co. Antrim

Official Biography…

Struggling to find like-minded musicians, Jake started his solo recording project Munro as a creative outlet. His first album, “Time Fuels Revenge” was an indie release online in April 2013. It mashed influences and genres in a shifting soundscape of crushing 7 string guitars, blast beats to trance beats, electronics and guttural growls to layered vocal harmonies. Gaz joined as drummer and Lyubomir as bassist during the writing of the second album “Monochromatic” which allowed for work to begin on transferring the project to live performances and the development of new song concepts with their combined experience and influences. The album’s sound took on a more focused aggression and technical proficiency without losing the infectious blend of instruments and electronics. The album was released on Halloween 2016. Munro burst onto the live scene in March 2017 at the Limelight Belfast with a commended performance in the Metal 2 the Masses heat. Their focus is now honing their live performance.




Djent, Progressive

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Jake Munro - Vocals/Guitars
  • Gaz Wilson - Drums
  • Lyubomir Ahtapodov - Bass/Vocals
  • Robbie O'Neill - Guitar