Eyes Eternal Death Metal / Co. Dublin

EYES ETERNAL is an extreme progressive metal studio project by Cormac Jordan (HORRENDA, AISÉIRÍ, ex-JENOVA) that released its first EP, “Blood Stained Wings” on the 27th July, 2023 across all digital stores and on physical CD via BandCamp.

The aim of this project was formed with the aim to simply create music without the restriction of being put into a single genre, or stresses of operating a standard gigging band. It was also an experiment of creating songs where lyrics and music are co-dependent, rather than clashing ideas being forced together, and for using Twitch as a promotional tool for a studio project.

The result so far has been 4 tracks, mostly recorded at home, with Damian Dziennik performing drums, and Stephen Cannon providing clean vocal. Drum production, along with mixing and master was handled by JSR Audio in Belfast. The EP is a concept story, representing an Oppenheimer style character internalising on the realisation on bringing the world to a worst place, his desperate actions to find some solace from his guilt, and the final tragedy of his actions.




Death Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Cormac Jordan - Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Production

Members (Former)

  • Drums (session) - Damian Dziennik
  • Vocals (session) - Stephen Cannon