Blood Stained Wings (Video) by Eyes Eternal (2020)

‘Blood Stained Wings’ – Eyes Eternal

Vocals, Guitar, Bass – Cormac Jordan
Drums (session) – Damian Dziennik

Drum Production, Mixing, Mastering – JSR Audio
Artwork and band logo by Symmetry Industry Studios


Nostalgia cooked on a spoon
A needle threading the shroud of wasted years
Chasing diluted remains
In deluded haze I sought advice on how to live
From a man obsessed with death
In what was nothing to him
He diagnosed my hellfire burder
In fire of no light
I searched through forests seeking my death
Hellfire to cure this cold
I stumbled across a statue of saint unknown
Where suicidal men would find their hope.

In holy sight
Up slit wrists
Cured in light

I could give performance of dying life
Murdered by the phantom suicide
Stitch her wings upon myself
Holy in blurred light
How have I reached this point
In my desperation
In my own lonliness
I began my end
Blinded in light and blood
I felt her appear

In pure instict I swung and sliced
Suffocated into dirt
With her face down in her graveI cut off my prize
The angels wings are mine
As I ascend through mourning clouds
I know this angel’s crying sound
A dying song my angel sings
As I ascend on Blood Stained Wings
Blood Stained Wings

Music and Words by Cormac Jordan